Club Insurances

1. Players’ Insurance – The Club does NOT carry any insurance for players who may be injured in a match, at practice or travelling to or from cricket. Players who wish to be insured will need to take out their own insurance against injury or loss of earnings.The Newcastle District Cricket Association Inc. is a member of the New South Wales Government Insurance Scheme where registered players are covered against serious injury involving permanent disability or death.

2. Public Liability – Waratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club Inc. is an incorporated body and carries Public Liability Insurance.

3. Workers Compensation – Waratah-Mayfield District Cricket Club has a policy covering permanent workers such as curators.

Special note to all players:

Players are hereby notified that the Club will not meet any part of a player’s Hospital, Ambulance or Medical expenses incurred in the event of injury either during a match or at practice sessions. Players are therefore advised to arrange their own Hospital/Medical cover and Ambulance Fund as a personal matter.